microbiology redefined

rqmicro developed a pathogen separation and detection technology that delivers accurate results in less than 1 hour.

By separating bacteria with magnetic nanoparticles out of the sample matrix and quantifying them on the single cell level,  it is possible to achieve superior test performances for water or food samples within minutes.

Our customers benefit from

  • ultrafast separation of microorganisms from complex samples
  • real-time detection and quantification
  • automated workflow for on-site testing

Benefit from our technology now by sending us your samples and getting a total cell count, viable cell count, and accurate Legionella SG1 count (incl. viable/dead count) on the same day – or be among the first to conduct your own tests by expressing your interest to pre-order our products on sales[at]rqmicro.ch or read more here.

rqmicro CellStream instrument



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